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About Us

Kitty Cat Protector was created to easily and quickly protect your couches, chairs, and furniture from cat claws. 

Our covers are: 

  • CLAW-PROOF, THICK AND DURABLE PLASTIC COVER. They are perfect for protecting your sofa from your cat’s claws. No more tattered couches as it stops cat claws from penetrating into your couch. 
  • CLAW RESISTANT SEAMS prevent your cats from digging into the soft cushion as you fold the seams inside so cats can’t scratch it apart. 
  • PLASTIC COVER ACTS AS A REPELLENT TO YOUR CAT FROM SITTING ON YOUR SOFA. Cats are fickle creatures but they dislike the feel of plastic on their bums. So, this will serve as cat repellants. 
  • WATERPROOF PLASTIC COVER PROTECTS YOUR SOFA FROM SMELLY CAT PEE. Cat urine on the sofa is the worst. It is hard to remove and the stink lingers. You can now say goodbye to cat pee on your sofa with the Kitty Cat Protector. 
  • QUICK AND EASY TO WIPE CLEAof any cat or kitten urine or hair. The center binding is also heat-sealed making it tear proof, super strong and durable so you may use it for many years. 



96'' x 18''/42'' x 40'' (W x front H/back H x D) 


36'' x 25''/42'' x 40'' (W x front H/back H x D)