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Kitty Cat Protector for couches and armchair recliners are available on our website! Click here to buy now!

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Kitty Cat Protector comes in 2 sizes.

Our plastic couch cover has dimensions of 96" W x 42" H x 40” D.

Our plastic armchair recliner cover has dimensions of 36'' W x 25''/42'' H x 40'' D.

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We offer FREE 3-5 day shipping anywhere in the USA.

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Our plastic couch protector costs $29.99. Click here to buy now!

Our plastic armchair recliner costs $24.99. Click here to buy now!

Kitty Cat Protector covers are made out of super thick, extra-durable, premium-grade, clear plastic vinyl.

They are designed to keep your furniture safe from cat scratches, tears, and liquid stains! 

Kitty Cat Protector for couches and armchairs have a thickness of 0.15 mm.

Perfect for protecting your furniture against razor-sharp cat claws!

Absolutely not! Kitty Cat Protector was made to withstand cat claws and scratching.

All our Kitty Cat Protector covers have a tiny amount of 100% non-toxic cornstarch powder on them to prevent the plastic from getting glued together.

This is the professional manufacturing procedure for all plastic covers worldwide. 

Unfortunately, as of the moment, we only make covers for couches and armchair recliners.

However, we will be manufacturing more sizes to accommodate other furniture.

Our cover can be used on most couches of almost any size, but the fit might vary depending on your couch’s size.

The plastic cover dimensions for couches are 96'' x 18''/42'' x 40'' (W x front H/back H x D).

Yes! Our plastic cover can be used to protect indoor and outdoor furniture.

Yes! Our plastic cover can be used to protect your furniture when you’re going through a move.

Yes! Our plastic covers are water-proof.

Yes! Our plastic covers are super heavy-duty and can withstand the pressure of being sat on.